5 Tips On Giving Your Room A Luxurious Touch

A luxurious bedroom is something that every homeowner would like to achieve. Giving your personal space a touch of elegance and sophistication can help make your mood better and also provide you with a positive change.


However, doing a full revamp can be expensive for cash-strapped homeowners. Which is why they just settle for the current design they have. But interior design experts provided a number of pointers to help turn your bedroom a luxurious space in a fraction of a cost:


  1. Less is more


Some people think that adding more elements to a space will add to its sophistication. But on the contrary, it will just cram your bedroom. Interior design experts advise to lessen the elements in the space and use only the necessary elements to make the space look elegant. Get the basics like the bed frame, the best mattress in Dubai, closet/dresser, mirror, and some seating furniture.


  1. Make a statement


Being sophisticated doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bland design. In fact, you can still inject some of your personal style in the mix. You can even make a statement that would showcase your design intentions. There are a lot of ways to make a statement – you can either put unique, stunning pieces. You can also make your bed a statement piece. Getting a stunning headboard in Dubai and making it the focal point of the room is also a great idea.


  1. Level up your lighting


Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in the room. If you are aiming for something luxurious, opt for a lighting fixture that provides the adequate lighting you need and also the design that can add sophistication to your home.


  1. Revamp your bed


Your bed is a very important part of your room. Some consider it as the most important piece. When making a room look and feel luxurious, consider changing your bed. As simple as changing the sheets and linen can add sophistication in the space. But if you have the time, replace the whole thing – from the bed frame to the pillow. You will instantly see a change in the room once the bed is replaced.


  1. Define your layout


Sometimes, as simple as moving the furniture around can help add elegance to the space. Try changing the layout of the room once in a while. But be sure that the layout will not interfere with the functionality of the space.