Features Of Modern CCTV Solutions

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CCTV Abu Dhabi cameras are everywhere. You see them installed outside homes, shopping malls, hospitals, offices, factories and even hotels. Such popularity suggests that this technology has become a must have for all of us humans. The cult popularity is such that today you will not find any premises where these cameras are not installed. Wait – it doesn’t stop here and you find them providing surveillance on roads and traffic signals too. Suffice to say that security cameras have become an integral part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine life without them anymore as they are visible everywhere. The upside of these devices are many but not a lot of downsides except few. Naturally, it is a technology that has shown its worth and usefulness and if it kept doing so, chances are that it will remain so for a number of years to come. A CCTV camera is not just an ordinary device.

It has cutting edge technology at work inside. It is a solution that is carefully designed for the purpose of proper round the clock surveillance. It also boasts very high resolution that is in excess of your normal TV resolution. The resulting video often borders or even exceeds high definition which is truly amazing. You cannot imagine your phone camera or even previous generation digital camera to complete in terms of resolution. Naturally, with such a high quality compact device doing duty outside your premises, day and night, you tend to have respect for it. Also, you begin to feel respect for the designers of such a high quality lightweight surveillance system who came up with the idea. Here is more on some of the features of modern CCTV solutions and why you need to have one at your place sooner rather than later:


The camera boasts high definition resolution which means it can capture and produce images in this resolution as well. The onboard storage space is another interesting feature that allows the camera and overall system to record and store photos as well as video clips. The higher resolution will result in occupying more space and the lower the resolution goes; the less space it takes. Storage is another interesting feature that keeps users interested. It is different in every solution where some are equipped with onboard memory only where others offer option for expandable memory. The day and night surveillance capability comes from an infrared sensor inside the camera with image intensification technology. This allows the camera to capture photos and videos at nigh time and with high resolution.

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