Why are Dubai Hospitals a Class Apart?

Getting the best medical treatment in the best medical facilities is not a new phenomenon to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Apart from its oil reserves and booming tourism industry, the country is also renowned for offering the state-of-the-art medical facilities to its populace, which is a mix of vibrant expats community and the native locals. The United Arab Emirates has a two-pronged medical facility, as is the case in the most parts of the world. The hospitals and clinics provide medical treatment at private and government levels. There are hospitals which are run by the government entities while there are many others which are run by the private administration. Unlike the third world countries, the level of medical facilities at government-run hospitals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and other states of the UAE are nothing less than the international standards.

Due to the amazing medical facilities, the city of Dubai has also made its mark as one of the fastest growing medical tourism destination. Thousands of patients from other countries travel to Dubai every year to get the best medical treatment, which are well-supported by the latest technological wonders in the medical sciences and engineering. Moreover, these amazing hospitals and other medical facilities also have the best human resource from many countries like India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, and Canada. Both government-run and privately managed hospitals are located in the perfect places in the cities, which are easily accessible to the general public. People can use taxis, private vehicles, Dubai Metro Service, and local transport services like buses, trams, and ferries, etc. to get to these hospitals.

The UAE has around 20 hospitals and clinics which can together cater to approximately 78,000 patients round the clock. These hospitals discharge medical services to the patients regardless of their sex, religion, ethnicity, and language. The medical facilities in Dubai and other states of the UAE have the services of some of the best medical practitioners who have completed their house job in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries which are a hallmark of the professional medical services.

The hospitals located and operated in the UAE are regulated by the Department of Health and Medical Services, which monitors the state of the affairs at these medical facilities. The state authority always makes sure that only the best doctors are able to practice their specialty in the country.